Northern English Springer Spaniel Society

Dog Results for Championship Show 2008


 MPD 2

1. Richardson/Terry-Richardson’s Cherishyms’ Bright Knight
Nice 7mth puppy with pleasing head, eye shape is correct but colour needs to darken. Deep body and good bone. Up to size.
2. Woolhouses’ Cherishym Outlaw
litter brother to winner. Lost out on head and needs to settle on the move.

PD 4 (1)

1. Eyeington’s Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale
Stylish youngster who I hope has done all his growing. Balanced head and good expression. Nice length of neck, excellent topline, well developed body and good rib. Moved well. BPIS
2. Warreners’ Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren
another nice youngster with plenty to like but preferred head of winner and is lacking rib at the moment.
3. Lilllies’ Tryhard Tempest at Freeway
4. Cresmore Endurance

JD 5

1. Lawlers’ Roqfolly Ballroom Blitz
Quality youngster of good size. Masculine head good eye and expression. Lovely straight front. Plenty of bone and substance well let down hocks, which he used well on the move.
2. Long & Leemings’ Tryhard The Black Gladiator
A well-balanced youngster with terrific reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Stronger in skull than class winner. Still raw but should mature nicely.
3. Topliss’ Rianlas In The Black at Beresford
4. Pidcocks’ Eastriding Armiani Attitude at Ketsby

YD 3

 1. Topliss’ Rianlas In The Black at Beresford
Not my type of head but balanced. Well off for bone and lovely turn of stifle. Topline sloped when stacked but corrected itself on the move. Used his quarters to drive round the ring.
2. Traczs’ Meadowdale Basil
overall good throughout but just lacked substance.
3. Hancocks’ Carnmarth Countri Whispers at Hanknight

MD 4

1. Eyeington’s Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale
2. Pidcocks’ Eastriding Armiani Attitude at Ketsby
b/w with lovely eye and expression. Deep well feathered body. Didn’t have the neck and shoulder of winner.
3. Delantys’ Dingdarlin Mr Blue Sky
4. Woolhouses’ Cherishym Outlaw

ND 4

1. Muirheads’ Melvery Magician of Shipden
well made dog of good type. Masculine head without coarseness, good strong neck, well laid shoulders and muscular quarters. Moved well.
2. Eyeington’s Trinitas Newky Brown of Meadowdale
3. Topliss’ Rianlas In The Black at Beresford
4. Pidcocks’ Eastriding Armiani Attitude at Ketsby


1. Topliss’ Rianlas In The Black at Beresford
2. Traczs’ Meadowdale Basil

GD 5 (1)

1. Glendinnings’ Plaiglen Mars
A quality young dog of lovely size and type. Compact deep body. Ample bone and substance. In good condition. Gave his handler a hard time when stacking him. On the move he covered the ground effortlessly and soundly.
2. Gregorys’ Arcadia Atom Ic
Liked his old-fashioned type and correct size. Compact body with good rear angulation. Moved soundly.
3. Muirheads Shipden Yass
4. Kirks’ Laceby Devil’s Advocate

PGD 10 (3)

1. Ison & McDonalds’ Alanea Oliver Twist
very smart young dog with pleasing head, nice straight front, deep in chest with well sprung ribs, strong quarters with good width behind, moved steady.
2. Long & Leemings’ Tryhard Brandshatch
very typy dog not flashy in any way. Created a lovely balanced outline. Strong in all departments. Beautifully handled.
3. Thompsons’ Colenda Curtis Steiger
4. Thomas’ Roqfolly Wardance

LD 11 (1)

1. Mitchell & Beatons’ Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom (imp)
a very stylish dog with clean flowing lines. Balanced in head. Excellent shoulder placement and straight front. Ample bone and body. Still a youngster with a touch more maturing to do. A joy to watch moving freely round the ring. Well handled. RCC
2. Lawlers’ Roqfolly Pinball Wizard
very handsome well worked head. Excels in bone and feet. Balanced coby body with rounded quarters. Moved well.
3. Roseannoch Eihwas JW
4. Thompsons’ Colenda Curtis Steiger

OD 6 (3)

1. Hales’ Sh Ch Trimere Trading Places with Sheledams
l/w dog in his prime with such a handsome head and soft expression, true in front, mature body, super bone and feet, strong loin and well developed hindquarters, in first class condition and handled beautifully. CC & RBIS.
2. Palmers Sh Ch Roandew Dez Diddit JW Sh CM
good neck and outline, excellent conformation, lovely short hocks used to help him move with a strong driving action.
3. Lillie’s Freeway Stormy Waters


1. Traczs’ Meadowdale Basil
2. Warreners’ Cepen Changing Places with Waterswarren
3. Whitleys’ Shipden Will Hay
4. Woolhouses’ Cherishym Outlaw

VD 4 (1)

1. Geddes’ Debanza Brigadier
This dog just seems to get better with age Lovely masculine head, great depth of body and excellent spring of rib. In superb condition. Sound happy mover.
2. Scotts’ Lossidoon Scarrabus
Different type to winner. Taller on the leg and more elegant. Well constructed throughout. Moved well.
3. Gibsons’ Stormview Harlequin

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